About Westfall Cleaning Services

I started Westfall Cleaning in June of 2013 after hearing friends and homeowners complain about their cleaning services. With my healthcare background and housekeeping experience, I realized I could create a better option. Our community needed a more detailed home cleaning company—the kind that goes above and beyond its client's needs.

It is my intention that this company becomes a true blessing in our clients' lives while making a cleaner tomorrow. I have a heart for helping people and so does my team. We enjoy getting to know our clients, beyond just the cleaning routine. When this happens, work and life are far more enriching, encouraging, and fun.

In six years, business grew beyond belief! Vacancy after vacancy, criticism after criticism, adversity after adversity. We persevered with innovation.

In June of 2018, Westfall Landed an office in the heart of Strasburg, VA, building up a reputation like no one before us. Our work speaks for itself and now there are more of us to deliver the same quality work and performance. Our team really enjoys what we do and it shows in your spotless home. While I have loyal employees who have been with me for years, I am always recruiting dedicated cleaners who are happy to go the extra mile. I can confidently say that what I do is instantly gratifying work that turns time into money.

At Westfall Cleaning, we are mothers who know that life can happen and cleaning is less prioritized. Kids come first, we are here to bridge that gap so your family can have a happy and healthy home on a consistent basis. We are always delighted when you choose us to maintain cleanliness within your walls. We appreciate the opportunity to provide our services to you, your family, clients and friends.

Our client base is as diverse as our services. We work with Virginia's top realtors, property managers, senior citizens, home builders and renovation companies to clean the Valley one house at a time. We are licensed, bonded, and fully insured for your peace of mind.

Please like and follow us on our Facebook page and other social media profiles to browse through our stellar reviews and referrals. We strive to maintain our reputation and we appreciate your support in doing so.

-Ashley Westfall